Hot Tips for Summer Driving

The barometer has been consistently rising here in sunny California over the past few weeks, a clear indication that the summer road trip season is in full swing. And while you might be anxious to hit the gas in order to get to your destination quicker, it’s important that California car rental drivers take the proper precautions before making their way to the freeway.

When it comes to busy travel seasons, summer takes the traffic cake, as practically every family in the area decides to pack up and head out for an exciting on-road adventure. And while these excursions are always a source of memories and enjoyment, they can too often result in tragedy due to negligence or driver error.  Read more

The Dangers of Leaving Your Child in a Hot California Car Rental

When it comes to warm weather, we Californians know a think or two about heat. Summer sunshine is what we do best, after all. That being said, there are plenty of dangers that come hand-in-hand with a West Coast summer. Sunburns, heatstroke, water shortages – it’s not all about bikinis and surfboards unfortunately. The summer heat causes preventable injuries and even deaths every summer. According to the organization Kids & Cars, an average of 38 children die in hot cars each year. The worst part? Many of these deaths are completely accidental. Read more

Plan Like a Pro: Road Tripping in L.A.

So, you’re thinking about hitting the road for a good old-fashioned L.A. road trip. What a great way to see the sights and explore one of the state’s most vibrant cities. But don’t let the promise of new adventures and attractions lull you into a state of complacency – tackling this type of road trip will require a high-quality survival guide.

So, before you gas up your Los Angeles car rental and hit the road, make sure to prep your self and your passengers for a rigorous adventure. The following are some tips collected from some of our very own Super Cheap road tripping masters. Read more

The Dangers of Driving in Dry Conditions

We’ve all heard of the driving hazards associated with icy and snowy roads. What’s more, there’s a common understanding that driving conditions worsen whenever the skies cloud over and rain begins to fall. But what about dry road conditions. Should our California car hire travelers ever worry about the pavement beneath them when the sun is shining and the skies are clear?  Read more

Prepping For a Road Trip Through a California State Park

California’s National Parks welcome millions of visitors every year. Whether it’s families on camping trips for college roommates out to enjoy an afternoon at the beach, these parks provide visitors with pristine open spaces, unlimited opportunities for outdoor exploration, and unparalleled scenery. And the best way to discover everything these parks have to offer? From behind the wheel of a California rent a car, of course! Make the most of the scenic views and sightseeing opportunities available at California’s National Parks by driving along one of the many scenic road trip routes. Read more

Car Seat Snafus and How to Avoid Them

Now that the kids are out of school, it’s time to start planning that long overdue family road trip. Whether you’re headed up the coast or into the city, SuperCheap Car Rental is here to help with all of your travel arrangements. Which includes the important task of outfitting your San Francisco car rental with a child safety seat.

When it comes time to hit the road this summer, make sure that safety is one of your top concerns. Avoid these 12 common car-seat mistakes and ensure a safe and enjoyable commute for everyone in your San Francisco entourage.

Read more

What to Do If You Lose Your License

Finally, after months of planning and saving, you’ve finally done it – you’ve finally made it to the sunny shores of California for a much-needed vacation. You’ve picked up your Los Angeles rental car reservation, checked into you beachside hotel, and are about to spend the afternoon lounging next to the ocean. Until you realize something is missing. No, you haven’t forgotten your suntan lotion; you’ve gone and left your wallet somewhere. And in it is all of your identification, including your driver’s license.

So much for a relaxing vacation, right?

Losing your license can definitely put a damper on any Los Angeles rental car occasion; what’s more, a stolen license can provide a criminal with enough information to effectively steal your identity and cause you long-term trouble. So don’t waste any time feeling sorry for yourself. The faster you can take action and report your lost identification, the sooner you can get back to enjoying your Los Angeles rental car vacation.  Read more

California’s Haunted Highways

Do you believe in ghosts?

To some, it’s a silly question, but to others, paranormal activity isn’t something to be laughed about. For some California car rental travelers, apparitions are all around us… in fact, one might even be hitching a ride in the vehicle beside you!

According to local legend and lore, California is home to an overwhelming number of roadside spirits. Why, you might ask? Well, it depends on which haunted highway you’re asking about. From historical happenings to more recent accidents, there are more than a few infamous roads in this rambling state. Think you’ve got what it takes to hit these spooking roads after night in your California car rental? Read on to find out! Read more

Exercising Caution at Animal Crossings

Think that roads are reserved for California rental car drivers? Think again! Four legs are just as common as four wheels on the streets of California, a realization that can often lead to some unexpected situations. According to statistics, a vehicle collides with some form of wildlife on the road an average of once every 39 minutes. What’s more, approximately 200 motorists die in the United States each year from unexpected animal encounters.

Here in California, accidents involving animals are relatively common. As such, it’s important that all of our customers understand what they should (and shouldn’t) do if ever they encounter an animal on the road. Read more