10 Reasons To Visit Los Angeles This Fall

There’s truly never a bad time to visit Los Angeles. With our perpetual sunny weather, constant influx of entertainment, classic attractions and, of course, our Los Angeles cheap car rental services, the City of Angels is enticing in any season.

But believe it or not, autumn might actually be the best time to check out all that L.A. has to offer. After the summer madness winds down and the temperatures start to cool (slightly), everything continues to heat up in the City of Angels. And if you’re considering a visit this fall, we hope these 10 reasons can convince you.

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Here are a few good reasons to book your flight, hotel and rental car in Los Angeles this fall:

  1. You may find better deals.

It’s no secret that travel in the United States is at its peak in the summertime. Prices on hotels, flights and other activities are often at their highest. Waiting until the month of October to travel could actually save you quite a bit of money. And if you come to L.A., you won’t have to worry about the weather being too cold.

  1. But speaking of the weather, L.A. autumn temperatures are pretty pleasant.

You won’t see the scorching 100+ degree days of summertime, but you won’t have to bring many sweaters to LA in the fall. The average temperatures in the month of October range between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and it isn’t unheard of to enjoy an 80 degree day even in November.

  1. The Santa Monica Pier is the perfect place to spend a fall day.

Santa Monica is amazing in any season, but it remains perpetually packed all summer. But when the crowds die down and the weather cools off, a visit to the historic pier is the best experience ever. See why this remains Santa Monica’s hot spot as you explore all it has to offer, from panoramic Pacific Ocean views to carnival rides and ice cream treats from Soda Jerks.

  1. Get in on the fun fall traditions in L.A.

The Feast of San Gennaro, an Italian tradition that began in 1926, is held on the last weekend of September every year. It’s a great chance to celebrate Italian culture (and eat delicious food). Locations are still being determined for this year’s feast. This is one of many annual fall festivals and activities you’ll be able to find in L.A.

  1. Sipping your way through wine country is especially beautiful in the fall.

Most people think of Northern California as wine country, but Southern California has plenty of coastal tasting rooms worth checking out. Malibu Family Wines, for example, is open daily through Halloween weekend and has live music every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Park half a mile away and ride the free shuttle or trolley to the property for your tasting adventure.

  1. Two words: Fall fashion.

Why not do all of your fall shopping in Los Angeles this year? L.A.’s Fashion Week takes place in early October at Union Station, featuring four consecutive days of runway shows, presentations and parties. But even if you can’t be here for Fashion Week, you can keep up on the current trends from afar and find them in our massive department stores and local boutiques. Imagine having a wardrobe that came straight from Melrose Avenue and Beverly Hills shops.

  1. The lines at our theme parks will probably be shorter.

If you think Hollywood and our local beaches are crowded during the summer, you should see the likes of Disneyland and Universal Studios. But when the students return to school, you’ll have a better chance of enjoying our theme parks with shorter lines and smaller crowds. Your best bet is to come on a weekday in late September or early October before the holiday rush begins.

  1. Celebrate Oktoberfest right here in Los Angeles.

There are numerous fun Oktoberfest events in the greater Los Angeles area, and they range from family-friendly fun to adult-oriented beer-drinking entertainment. If you love German culture, come to L.A. in late September or early October. Or, just head to Alpine Village in Torrance – their Oktoberfest celebration lasts a full two months.

  1. You can still dine outdoors… yes, even on Thanksgiving.

If you’re from most other parts of the country (and the world), September brings a chill to the air that makes dining alfresco rather unpleasant. But not in Los Angeles – we dine outdoors all year here. The temperatures do cool, but nearly every restaurant in the area has patios equipped with heat lamps and blankets to ensure you stay comfortable during your meal.

  1. Halloween in Los Angeles is amazing.

Whether you have young children and want to treat them to a once-in-a-lifetime Halloween celebration (like Disneyland or Knott’s Scary Farm) or you’d rather put on a costume and enter a contest at a bar or club, there’s truly nothing like Halloween in L.A. If you’re planning an autumn visit, make it Halloween weekend and you’ll have all kinds of amazing options. And since you’ll have your own transportation, you can make it to as many parties as you’d like.