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6 Most Common Car Rental Myths

Don’t believe everything you hear! This rule should be applied to all aspects of your life; most importantly, when you’re renting a car.

The internet is full of information regarding car rental companies. Most of which makes people apprehensive about trying out the service.

Here are some common myths you shouldn’t believe when renting a car for a trip.

1. Rent from a Big Company

Most people think it’s best to rent a car from a known, international company. However, that’s not necessary. While companies mostly have similar policies, there can be some big differences. Before opting for a service provider, remember to conduct a survey on your own. Be sure to be aware of the terms and conditions of the company you choose.

2. You Always Get the Car You Booked

You can get a Ford, if you booked a Ford. However, that’s not always true. You’ll get a car of the same size, capacity and seats you asked for but the exact model isn’t guaranteed.

3. Rental Car Companies Are Open 24/7

Unlike the car rental services you see at airports, not all offer round the clock services. They aren’t open for 24 hours. Most companies are open during the usual business hours. If you have rented a car, make sure you return the car on the agreed time. Extra charges might apply if you drop the vehicle during off hours.


4. The Insurance Has Got You Covered

Before crossing any borders, think about the insurance. It doesn’t cover you everywhere you go. Most insurance covers you only in the USA, some are fine till Canada. However, if you plan to go further, you might have to buy a different insurance policy.

5. You’re Charged for Damages You Didn’t Do

This is a very common myth, people are always anxious about the present damages when renting a car. The truth is no car rental company will ever charge you for any damage you didn’t do.

6. No One Ever Cleans a Rental Car

It isn’t true that rental cars are always in a bad shape. Companies take care of their cars, so do people who rent them. They’ll also clean and wash the car if they have some where special to go.

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