Providing the Cheapest Car Rental Prices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Orange County

Super Cheap Car Rental provides Cheap Long-Term Car Rentals to Professionals, Foreign Travelers and Students in the Los Angeles, San Francisco and Orange County Areas. We have been in the car rental business for over ten (20) years. Focusing on Weekly and Monthly Rentals, Super Cheap is able to undercut the competition and provide the lowest priced long-term car rental in Los Angeles Orange County and the San Francisco Bay Area. We also specialize in underage car rental. For 21 to 24 we charge no extra fee. We even rent cars to 20 year olds for an additional charge. Our rates include liability and collision coverage and all taxes.

We pride ourselves on giving you the TOTAL price up-front (including all taxes, and coverage). The price you see advertised is the price you get, guaranteed!

Our Story

Super Cheap Car Rental opened its first office in Los Angeles, California in the Mid 1990’s.   The founder Daniel grew up surfing and playing volleyball on the beaches of San Diego, California.  After Graduating from University in 1991 he traveled throughout Europe and Asia.  During this time he lived in various countries throughout Europe and Asia while working for a cosmetics packaging manufacturer.

Upon returning to the states and settling in Los Angeles California he continued working for that manufacturer and also began his own international trading company.  During this time he would bring over foreign workers and interns from around the world to work at his offices.  Because Los Angeles is a sprawling city with limited reliable public transportation his company would rent a car for them during the 3 to 6 month term because in the U.S. you absolutely need a car to get around.

This was very costly due to the fact that they were foreign drivers and needed to purchase the insurance offered by the car rental company.  Also, many of his workers also interns from other countries that were under 24.   This was a big expense to rent a car due to extra fees charged by the rental companies.   Occasionally these workers had family members and friends come to the USA to visit them.

This would also prove to be a problem.   The family or friends would go rent a car for the time they were here but the car rental companies took advantage of the fact that they did not fully understand the details and costs of renting a car.  Knowing this, these companies charged more and did not always disclose the entire cost of the rental until they returned the car.  This always ended up costly and a disappointing experience for everybody.  Because of these experiences Daniel saw a niche that could be filled in the car rental industry.

He decided to build his own car rental company based on honest core values that would give foreign renters an all inclusive price that was trustworthy, easy to understand and affordable enough to make renting a car a real option and a pleasurable experience.  He wanted no surprises at the end and the price quoted was the price the customer received.    The first office started with 10 cars near Los Angeles International Airport.   This was before the Internet so advertising was done in person and on foot by Daniel personally going to meet potential renters where they needed his services the most.  Starting with the local Colleges, Universities, Language schools and companies with foreign staff in Los Angeles he would take Donuts to the staff and ask if he could leave his brochure for the students or workers if they needed to rent a car for the time they were in Los Angeles.  He would also go to these places and educate them for free on what to look out for when renting a car.

Within the first year Super Cheap Car Rental began to make a name for itself as the trusted car rental company to Foreign Students, Interns and workers and his fleet of cars rapidly expanded into the hundreds to accommodate the demand.   In 1999 UCLA asked SCCR if they could include their information in the Introduction packet given out to all incoming Foreign Language Students every semester.   This helped make a name for SCCR throughout college communities in California as the trusted rental company for foreign students.

By the year 2000 students, interns and workers were taking the bus over an hour from Orange County and San Diego areas just to rent a car from Super Cheap Car Rental for the 2 or 3 months they were here studying and working or for just a week or two during vacation travel time.  After opening an office in Orange County California to support this demand an office in San Francisco California soon followed.  With the onset of the Internet word of mouth spread even quicker and the company grew to become what is today.   Due to high demand and at the request of many of its customers Super Cheap Car rental is looking to expand its operation to other parts of the United States and Canada.  Look for us in other locations soon.

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Many local business and professionals have found their way to Super Cheap Car Rental.

Our Orange county office serves business and schools in Orange County as well as the surrounding communities of Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Fullerton, Pasadena, San Diego, Santa Ana, Westminster, Fountain Valley, Laguna Beach and Garden Grove.

Our all inclusive package rate makes it easy for human resources departments and individual employees to quickly determine which is the best plan for them. Many foreign interns here from 1 week to 12 months or just re-locating from another state or country, find that they save $100’s even $1,000 of dollars on long term rental.