Under 25 Car Rental

Our Prices are Unbeatable

Super Cheap Car Rental is the most affordable rental car company in California for renters who do not have US car insurance.While other companies often have lower base rates than Super Cheap Car Rental, the invariable charge extremely high taxes and mandatory fees.With Super Cheap Car Rental, the price you see is the price you pay.It’s that simple!

Renting from Us is Easy

Almost all other car rental companies in the US require foreign renters to have international driver’s licenses.Super Cheap Car Rental rents to licensed drivers from any country based on their home country driver’s licenses only.

To rent from us, you merely need to show us your driver’s license and one of the following major credit cards: Visa, MC, Amex, JCB, Discover, or Union Pay.  We will place a hold against your credit card for our $400 deposit, and you can pay for the rental itself using either your credit card or cash.

Drivers under 25 are responsible for the first $400 in Damage to the rental vehicle

No Surcharge for Drivers Between 21 and 25

Unlike other car rental companies, Super Cheap Car Rental does not charge driver s between 21 and 25 a premium.All customers 21 and over pay the same low price.