Car Rentals in California and the Miles Square Recreational Park

Miles Square Regional Park is an park located in Fountain Valley, totaling 640 acres of land. When you visit with your car rental in California, you will be treated to three regulation golf courses, two soccer fields, baseball diamonds, archery range, and a wilderness area. There are also two fishing lakes, concession stands where you can rent bikes and paddle boats, and picnic areas.

Developing a park

Miles Square Recreational Park was originally a piece of land bought by the United States during Word War II to construct military airfields. Three landing fields were constructed in a triangular shape. Long after the war, these fields were being used as training fields as a touchdown location. In the 1960s, this area was found to be an ideal location for a regional park in Orange County, and late in that decade part of the land was developed for park purposes.

Making the most of the great outdoors

When you visit with your car rental in California, you will have the opportunity to play many sports, including soccer, baseball, running, fishing, and archery, among other activities taking place within the park. The executive 18-hole golf course has a driving range, coffee shop and bar. This is an excellent place to visit with your car rental in California to get outdoors in Fountain Valley.

Other great parks in the OC

Caspers Wilderness Park is an 8000 acre protected wilderness area that is located among the Santa Ana Mountains in Orange County. There are river terraces and sandstone canyons to observe as you travel through with your car rental in California. Caspers Wilderness Park has many different recreational opportunities for visitors while they are here. From camping, picnicking, hiking, and horseback riding to nature study and astronomy, there is much to keep you busy here when you visit with your car rental in California. The Caspers Park Preservation Foundation is dedicated to helping visitors make the most out of their visit here by providing them with a visitor center with information about the nature you will encounter here.

The park features an amphitheater, barbeques, bike and equestrian trails, dump stations, equestrian camping, restrooms and showers, scenic overlook, and much more. This is a great place to visit with your car rental in California to feel at one with nature. There are inherent dangers in the park, including mountain lions, rattlesnakes, poison oak, and rugged terrain – please take care. Also, please remember that swimming or wading in the lake and creek is prohibited.

Miles Square Recreational Park is a great stop with your California car rental when you are in Fountain Valley and looking to spend some time outdoors. They have so many activities to keep the whole family busy that you will never be bored.