Cheap Car Rentals and Air Combat USA

If you’re a serious adrenaline junky, there’s one attraction in Orange County that you simply can’t ignore: Air Combat USA. At Air Combat USA, you actually get to sit in a certified fighter jet and participate in air-to-air combat. THIS IS NOT A SIMULATOR! School participants are provided a state-of-the-art military trainer aircraft and instructed on how to engage in aerial dog fighting – no pilot’s license required. A first-class attraction in Orange County since 1989, Air Combat USA has flown more than 18,000 guest pilots in a number of nationwide locations, making memories that last a lifetime. Air Combat USA boasts a proven track record of safety and satisfaction, so why not embark on your very own airborne adventure? Skilled instructor pilots can teach just about anyone how to engage in extreme aerial action, so suit up and get set to take the skies during your upcoming Super Cheap Car Rentals vacation.

Powerful Planes and Experienced Instructors

You’ve never really flown until you’ve strapped into a SIAI Marchetti SF360 Italian-built fighter aircraft. This beautiful piece of aerospace engineering is currently used in Air Force training, not to mention at the Air Combat USA training field. Customers of Super Cheap Car Rentals are placed in complete command of the SIAI when they visit Air Combat USA, grasping the same stick grip as millions of real-life Air Force dogfighters. Pilot and guest-pilot sit side by side with dual controls in the Marchetti, soaring through the skies at speeds of more than 270 miles per hour. This plane can perform unlimited aerobatic maneuvers and is currently used by Air Forces worldwide. FAA certified from +6 to -3 G’s, the SIAI Marchetti is one mean airborne machine, so what’s holding you back? Instructor pilots from both military and civilian ranks are on hand to help you learn the basic dog fighting formations and important training techniques. All of the maneuvers taught at Air Combat USA are textbook military procedures and proven affected during aerial combat. If you’re ready to feel the ultimate rush of accomplishment and excitement, now is the time to contact Air Combat USA and schedule your fighter pilot experience.

Dodge the Bullet with Professional Combat Strategies

As a pilot at Air Combat USA, you’ll be fitted with a flight suit, helmet and parachute in preparation for your flight. Every participant in the program is also required to attend a mandatory ground school covering tactical maneuvers. Customers of Super Cheap Car Rentals will learn everything there is to know about basic aerial pursuits as well as important in-air procedures and emergency maneuvers. Each mission is tailored to the pilot’s experience, ability and aggressiveness, so don’t worry is you’re nothing more than an armchair ace. Once you’ve completed the rigorous ground training it’s time to take to the air alongside your instructor. Customers of Super Cheap Car Rentals will control the aircraft as much as 90% of the time, flying formations and practicing maneuvers. Then the real fun begins. Once your instructor feels as though you’ve mastered the art of aerial pursuit, you’ll engage in six “g-pulling” dogfights with another program participant. If you manage to “hit” your opponent during combat smoke will trail from the opposing aircraft and a number of alarms will sound. Three cockpit cameras will record your adventure, ensuring your memories stay fresh forever. When you return down to home base a post-flight debriefing will provide you with valuable feedback and constructive criticism.

The ultimate high is waiting for you in Orange County so suit up and get set for some outstanding airborne excitement. A number of programs and packages are available for purchase ranging in price from $995 to $1,795. No other experience comes close to this adrenaline rush, so grab a friend and get ready to engage in all-out combat. If you would like to learn more about the Air Combat USA program please visit before embarking on your Super Cheap Car Rentals vacation. Air Combat USA is headquartered at Fullerton Municipal Airport in Fullerton, California.