Discount Car Rentals and the Ford Aspire

The Ford Aspire had a relatively short production life, as it was sold as an entry level car from 1994 to 1997. During this time Ford Motor Company and Kia Motors had a stable relationship which allowed the Aspire’s body to be manufactured by a South Korea Kia Motor plant. The Aspire’s present day relatives now include the Kia Rio, available in a popular sporty sedan or wagon model. The Ford Aspire was considered to be a great vehicle during its release period, as it averaged an efficient 30 miles per gallon and was a easy to maneuver into parking spots!

Over the years interest in the Ford Aspire has begun to fade, but now that gas prices are on the rise, the ultra fuel-efficient Aspire has once again become a popular super cheap car rental option! The Aspire is generally only recommended for individuals or couples planning on visiting the California area, but the Aspire is capable of comfortably seating 4 full grown adults. Super Cheap Car Rentals is proud to offer the Ford Aspire as one of their affordable car rental options, so read on to learn more about this dependable automotive treasure! Then head over to Super Cheap Car Rental’s Rates and Reservations page to book your rental today!

When the Ford Aspire was first introduced in 1994 and 1995 a sporty SE version was produced that include a variety of special features. Amenities in the vehicle included a rear spoiler, fog lamps, unique instrument design and special door and seat fabrics. The teardrop design of the Aspire is aerodynamically unique, which appeals to all age groups and especially women. The safety of the Ford Aspire super cheap car rental comes with dual airbags and a standard safety package. This was a first in the sub-compact car class and proved to be a valuable selling asset. The Ford Aspire replaced the Ford Fiesta with a 1.3 liter in-line four cylinder engine. The vehicle is handled through front wheel drive and power steering was made available in combination with an automatic transmission.

The Ford Aspire rental car is a great transportation tool for any budget savvy traveler heading to California on a vacation or business trip. This car is easily maneuverable and can slip in and out of tight parking places in a snap! The cargo area of the Ford Aspire isn’t overly large, but once the rear seats are folded the trunk capacity expands considerably. The Ford Aspire comes in both 3 door and 5 door designed hatch back. The Ford Aspire is a little longer and wider than the Ford Fiesta which makes gives it a more solid base, plus the body is protected from corrosion by galvanized sheets of metal and zinc plated panels.

The later versions of the Ford Aspire lost their frontal spoilers, while window moldings and a center roof pillar became body-colored. The final 1997 model of the Ford Aspire included newly designed front and rear bumpers, remodeled turn signals, tail lamps and new wheel covers.

The Ford Aspire did not return in 1998, due to a break up between the Ford Motor Company and Kia Motors. The Kia Rio took over where the Ford Aspire left off, becoming one of the most inexpensive cars available in the United States with a 1.6 liter DOHC I4 engine. The legacy of the Ford Aspire may be over, but its far from obsolete! If you would like to reserve your very own Ford Aspire super cheap car rental, please visit the Rates & Reservations section of the Super Cheap Car Rental website. The sooner you book your Aspire, the sooner you can begin to reap the benefits of a fuel efficient vehicle! Please call one of Super Cheap Car Rental’s California offices for more specific details on models.