Free vs. Unlimited: The Great Mileage Debate

Road trips are all about adventure: exploring back roads and detours, throwing caution to the wind and driving off into the sunset. It goes without saying that the best road trips rarely follow a map, nor do they abide by a strict itinerary. The most memorable road trips are the ones that introduce you to new experiences and awaken inside you a newfound appreciation for freedom and exploration.

There’s just one problem… how are you suppose to take a drive down the road less traveled when your rental car provider is monitoring your every mile?

Enter the hated mileage cap: every road trip warrior’s worst nightmare. Imposed by greedy rental car corporations, this unnecessary restriction does more than limit mileage – it limits our road tripping abilities! When it comes time to book your California car rental, never agree to a meager mileage allowance. At Super Cheap, we’re all about offering our customers unlimited opportunities… and that includes unlimited mileage on all of our rental car contracts.

Forget About Free

When it comes time to book your next California car rental vehicle, be careful not to fall for so-called “free” mileage offers. While it might sound like a good deal (everyone likes the idea of getting something for nothing, after all), free is not synonymous with unlimited. So once you’ve maxed out your free mileage allowance, watch out! You could be looking at an overage charge of $0.25 to $0.45 per-mile.

Let’s put that into perspective, shall we?

Let’s assume that you’re visiting the city on business for a week. Your super generous rental company has allotted you 100 “free” miles per day. During your time in the Golden State, you find yourself driving from L.A. to San Francisco to San Diego and back again. Five days into the trip and you’ve already racked up 700 miles – your max mileage allotment. So much for taking some time to yourself and enjoying an oceanfront drive…

Now let’s pretend that you’ve rented a California car renal from one of our competitors for three days. The same deal applies: you’ve been allotted 100 free miles per day. Which sounds great, until you realize that your road trip to Las Vegas is roughly 500 miles round trip from Los Angeles – a full 200 miles over your allotted limited! Once you factor in short side trips and simple sightseeing outings, you could be looking at more than $100 in additional mileage charges.

Talk about a bad trip!

Forget about jetting off to the Grand Canyon or some other amazing tourist destination. Your “free” mileage allotment isn’t going to get you anywhere near these exciting attractions. If you want to embark on a real road trip, one that allows you to go off on unexpected adventures, you can’t be constantly auditing your odometer. You need the freedom to get up and go and the opportunity to embark on a truly unlimited traveling experience.

Simply put, you need Super Cheap.

With Super Cheap’s unlimited mileage guarantee, you don’t have to worry about sticking to a map or stressing out about restrictions. Unlimited mileage means you have the freedom to embark on your own adventure and avoid the masses. No more calculating costs or cutting corners in order to stay under your mileage limit.

The only thing you have to worry about is picking which destination you’ll travel to first.

Get your unlimited drive on today. Reserve a California car rental from the Super Cheap fleet now.