How to Handle Highway Hypnosis

Have you ever driven to a destination without ever really processing the fact that you’re behind the wheel of your California car rental? This disconnected driving dilemma is a common side effect of highway hypnosis. Highway hypnosis is a dangerous driving hazard that occurs when someone has been driving a vehicle for an extended period of time along a stretch of highway. During the trip, the driver of the California car rental becomes unaware and unable to respond due to a semi-hypnotic mental state caused by the monotony of the journey.

If you’ve ever “zoned out” behind the wheel of your California car rental, be careful! Here are some common sense pointers to help you stay alert and avoid highway hypnosis during your next California car rental trip.

Tip #1 – Get a Good Nights Sleep

If you’re planning a long trip in your California car rental, start planning for it the night before. Turn in early to ensure that you’re fully rested before setting out. Rested drivers are more alert and responsive than their tired counterparts, making it easier to avoid obstacles and maintain increased focus.

Tips #2 – Embark on Your Journey Early

Think of your California car rental trip like a day at the office. Embarking shortly after your morning routine is a good way to make the most of your energized state. Starting a road trip later in the day, or after putting in a long day at the office is a sure fire way to encounter distractions. The later you leave, the more likely you’ll be to have things on your mind. The more things on your mind, the more likely you’ll be to zone out during your drive. If you have to head out after work, try to clear your mind and refocus on the task at hand. this is also a prime time to consider breaking your road trip into two sections, in order to avoid slipping into a hypnotic state.

Tips #3 – Chill Out

Being comfortable in your California car rental is one thing – being too comfortable could lead to highway hypnosis. If you’re feeling a little groggy or distracted during your drive, switch off the heat and crank up the AC. Turning on the air conditioning or opening the window will help keep you alert and improve your focus on the road.

Tip #4 – Crank Up the Tunes

Turning on the radio can do a lot to improve your focus and drive out any attention-stealing thoughts. While we can’t promise applause for your rendition of “Life is a Highway”, we’re pretty sure your passengers will appreciate your ability to react to road conditions.

Tip #5 – Watch Your Posture

Drivers who like to slouch are more apt to fall into a hypnotic state when driving. Slouching is a natural precursor to sleep, so sit up straight. In order to improve your posture behind the wheel, adjust the headrest  and any available lumbar support to help force yourself into a better position. If your California car rental comes equipped with a seat warmer, keep it switched off. Warming up your muscles will just cause you to relax more, making it easier for you to zone out.

Highway hypnosis happens much more often than you might think. Take extra precaution before you buckle up on your California car rental.