San Francisco Car Rental and Emma Prusch Farm Park

It isn’t everyday you discover a farm in the heart of an urban area, but then again, it isn’t everyday that San Francisco car rental travelers visit the Emma Prusch Farm Park in San Jose. Located on South King Road, the Emma Prusch Farm Park is a place for outdoor fun and agricultural learning. Named after the farms original owner, the Prusch Farm Park was bequeathed to the city of San Jose back in 1962. The land, which originally consisted of 87 acres, was once used as a working dairy farm. Today, the remaining 40 acres feature high density rare fruit orchards, a plant science center and two community gardens. A perfect place to picnic, the Emma Prusch Farm Park is an important part of any San Jose vacation itinerary.

What you’ll find on the farm

San Francisco car rental travelers will find a number of attractions on the Emma Prusch Farm Park. These attractions can be loosely grouped into two different categories – the gardens and the farm area.

Garden attractions:


  • Immediately to either side of the Farm Park’s main entrance, San Francisco car rental travelers will find the Cornucopia Garden and the El Jardin Garden. Both of these plots are actually part of a community garden project where residents of San Jose can rent a 20×30 foot plot to grow their own produce or flowers.
  • The Heritage Orchard is a one-of-a-kind collection of rare fruit trees. Planted and maintained by the California Rare Fruit Growers, the orchard is often used as a germplasm repository and teaching orchard. A second Rare Fruit Orchard is also planted near the main Meeting Hall.
  • Before you reach the livestock barn at the Emma Prusch Farm Park, you’ll notice a large grove of trees. This collection of plants is known as the International Orchard. Planted in 1987 on Arbor Day, the trees in this orchard represent the cultural diversity of San Jose. To the left of the International Orchard is the Friendship Forest. Hereto, San Francisco car rental travelers will discover a wide array of trees.


Farm attractions


  • San Francisco car rental travelers will meet plenty of fun farm friends inside the park’s Small Animal Area. A variety of poultry, water fowl and rabbits live here, as well as a few pigs. While these animals are generally friendly, San Francisco car rental travelers are encouraged not to feed or chase them as it upsets their daily routines.
  • The Livestock Barn was completed in 1982 and is home to a handful of larger animals. These animals are raised by the 4-H and Future Farmers of American. Many of the animals are judged at the Santa Clara County Fair.


Learn a little more about local horticulture

The learning continues inside the Plant Science Education Center, located at the very back of the Emma Prusch Farm Park grounds. Designed as a center for youth, this site features a greenhouse and potting shed. Dozens of school children are given the opportunity to experience hands-on agricultural learning inside the Center as they attempt to properly plant and care for locally grown crops. For a free brochure on the educational programs offered at the Plant Science Education Center and the Farm Park, please call 408-926-5555.

Spend a day down on the farm

San Francisco car rental travelers can visit the Emma Prusch Farm Park daily from 8:30am until sunset. There is absolutely no fee to visit the park, nor is there a fee to park. Picnic areas abound on the park, so remember to bring along a tasty snack or two. Two large BBQs and three smaller BBQs are located in the main picnic areas for easy food preparation.

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