October 11th, 2016

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LOS ANGELES, CA — Super Cheap Car Rental, a trusted car rental company serving Los Angeles, San Francisco and Orange County, has won a 2016 Renter Rated Award from ExpressITech Inc. in the category of Most Recommended To Others. ExpressITech Inc. is a rental management system and the founder of

“We are seriously honored and, while pleasantly surprised, we also completely understand how we could have won the Renter Rated award for Most Recommended to Others,” said the owner of Super Cheap Car Rental. “We work very hard to make the rental experience as pleasant and easy as possible. Being a small independent agency gives us the ability to be truly hands on with our customers. We just get it.”

Renter Rated is a program developed by that gives renters the opportunity to share their experiences. After their rental experience, the customers are encouraged to rate the agency one to five stars based on nine criteria. All the ratings are tallied, and the more ratings an agency has, the more accurate the star rating value will be.

Super Cheap Car Rental is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. Their first location opened in Los Angeles in 1996 with the goal of appealing to young and international renters by offering them flat, all inclusive car rental rates. The company began to make a name for itself right away, and by the year 2000, students, interns and foreign workers were taking the bus from Orange County and San Diego to rent through Super Cheap. There are now offices in San Francisco and Orange County in addition to the original Los Angeles location.

One thing that sets Super Cheap apart from other car rental companies is their lack of extra fees for renters between the ages of 21 and 24. Most companies will either not rent to people under the age of 25 or they’ll charge them extra fees. Super Cheap’s rates are not higher for 21-24 year old renters, and their fees for ages 20 and under are nominal.

Car Rental Express awards rental agencies annually for their excellent Renter Rated ratings. This is the first award of its kind for Super Cheap Car Rental.