What documents are required to rent a car from Super Cheap Car Rental?

All that is necessary is a valid driver’s license from your country. SCCR does not require international driver’s licenses.

What are SCCR’s prices?

SCCR specializes in weekly and monthly rentals, but also has daily rates. Daily rates vary based on demand and seasonality for Renters using their own car insurance. But, the All Inclusive Daily/Weekly/Monthly Rate does not change throughout the year. You can always expect the same low price. Currently the price for a travel car is $299 per week, $949 per month (28 days), and $49 for extra days over the week and slightly older local cars are $199 per week, $699 per month (28 days), and $35 per day for extra days over the week. Rent is paid in advance. The $400 deposit is not charged, but rather held against your credit card. In addition to the above, we offer a daily inclusive rate for “Travel” cars only, which is $49 per day. For local cars, there is a one week minimum so rentals between 1 and 7 days all cost $199. Rentals can be extended at any time for as long as the renter wants. For extensions of 7 days or less, the renter can pay for the additional rent upon returning the vehicle. For extensions greater than 7 days, the renter must go to SCCR’s office to make payment within 7 days of requesting the extension. For multi-month rentals, SCCR requires renters to visit its offices every 28 days for both payment and vehicle inspection.

Does SCCR charge a premium for drivers who are less than 25 years old?

Super Cheap Car Rental has no extra underage car rental fees if you a renting a car and you are 21 to 24 years old! We will also rent to 20 year olds for an additional fee of $20 per day. We do not rent to people under 20 years old unless they have their own car insurance.

What are SCCR’s mileage restrictions?

All SCCR rentals include unlimited mileage within the applicable rental area.

If I return the car early, can I get money back?

If you rent the vehicle for longer than a week, for instance two weeks or a month and you return the vehicle early, you will be charged the weekly and daily rate for the time you had the car and refunded the unused portion of the rental in full.

If someone rents a car for two days using the daily rate, and decides they want to keep it for 7 days, can they switch to the weekly rate?

Yes. Extensions always get the cheaper rate. For instance, if they rent a local only car
and come in every week to pay it would look like this: $199..$199..$199..The last week is
$102 for a total of $699.

Does SCCR offer one way rentals?

Yes. SCCR offers a one way rental option between its Southern California and Northern California locations. For Southern California pickup and Northern California drop off, we charge a $300 fee. For the reverse, the surcharge is $350.

Is travel confined to within the city?

SCCR has two types of cars: 1) older cars; and 2) newer cars. Older “local only” cars have unlimited miles only within city or rental location and specified surrounding areas (e.g. Los Angeles County and Orange County or the San Francisco Bay Area). Newer “travel” cars have unlimited miles in California, Nevada,  Arizona, Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Wyoming without additional fee.

Does SCCR offer GPS in its cars?

Yes. SCCRO offers GPS devices to its customers for a fee of $5 per day. Navigation is available in many languages.

What’s SCCR’s policy regarding additional drivers?

SCCR permits up to 3 additional drivers per vehicle. For each additional driver 21 and over we charge a onetime fee of $20. If the extra driver is the minimum rental age of 20 there is a daily extra driver fee of $10.

Does SCCR have child seats?

Yes. SCCR provides child seats for a onetime fee of $10 (per seat).

I just got a driver’s license or my license is expiring next month. What are SCCR’s policies on this?

The renter’s driver’s license must be valid throughout the duration of the rental period.

What are SCCR’s refuelling requirements?

Gas must be returned at the same level as it was at the beginning of the rental period. If the customer returns the car with less than this amount of gas, SCCR will assess a refilling fee at twice the prevailing local rate. For example, if the car requires 3 gallons of fuel upon return, and the market price is $3.30/gallon, the customer will be charged 3 * (2*$3.30), or $19.80.

Does SCCR offer roadside assistance.

If your SCCR rental is involved in an accident or breaks down, you should follow the instructions on our Emergency Procedures guide, which is available on our website and also provided to all customers upon rental.

What is included in the price of insurance?

Covers car for any damage
(Drivers under 25 responsible first $400 in damage )

Who completes the vehicle inspection, the renter or the company?

At the beginning of the rental period, the renter and SCCR jointly note (in writing) any
damages to the vehicle and Gas Level. Upon returning the vehicle, the renter is
responsible for any additional damages incurred.

How many seats do your cars have?

All of our cars can accommodate up to 5 adult passengers.

Is it possible to reserve a car over the phone a few days in advance?

Yes. Although in the summer months it is advisable to reserve one to two weeks in

How many cars can I rent at one time?

You can rent as many cars as you want from SCCR, but we require one licensed driver
for each car.

Where are SCCR’s offices and how can I contact them?

5231 W. Imperial Hwy, Unit A
Los Angeles, CA  90045
Phone: 310-645-3993
Email: [email protected]
10 Rollins Road Suite 106
Millbrae, CA  94030
Phone: 650-777-9993
Email: [email protected]
18017 Sky Park Circle, Suite P
Irvine, CA  92614
Email: [email protected]

After returning the vehicle, how long does it take for SCCR to refund the $400 deposit?

SCCR doesn’t actually charge cards for deposits. Rather, it places a hold on customer’s
credit card in the amount of $400. Upon return of the rental, SCCR releases this hold,
but some banks might take up to 30 days to do so on their end.
In the event that the customer incurs parking/traffic tickets during the period of the
rental, the customer must bring it to the office and pay the associated fine. SCCR will
pay then pay the ticket issuing authority. If a ticket is ignored, it will become Delinquent
and it will be sent to the SCCR Rental office by the City. Tickets received in this way
after completion of the rental period will incur a $50 service Fee in addition to the
parking/traffic violation fee.

Does SCCR offer long term (multi month) rentals?

Yes. Many people rent for consecutive months. The longest contract we make is for one month (28 days). To extend the customer must come in to SCCR’s office to renew the
contract and pay. This is done mostly for safety so we can check the car tires, oil, brakes, etc., or simply give them a fresh car if they want one since it has been on the road for a long period (some become attached to the car they are driving and that is fine also). Also, they can change the car for any reason at any time.

When do I need to return the vehicle?

We do not require the vehicle to be returned at the same time of rental. We just require it to be returned before the close of business on the return date. For instance, if you rent the car at 9AM you can return it anytime up to 4:30 PM on the return day. SCCR’s last shuttle to the airport departs at 4:30PM. If the customer returns the car after business hours, they will be charged for an additional day.

Does SCCR permit after hours or Sunday returns?

Yes. We have key drops at our offices. Customers expecting to return their vehicles after hours should inquire with us for specific procedures at the time of rental.

What documents are required to rent a car from Super Cheap Car Rental?

All that is necessary is a valid driver’s license from your country.  SCCR does not require international drivers’ licenses.