Do You Travel For Business or Pleasure?

We Have Great International Resources To Help You Along The Way!

We Understand Travel Stress
At Super Cheap Car we understand the stress and craziness that can occur while organizing a trip across boarders, so we’ve built a few websites that will allow you to salvage a little peace of mind! Super Cheap Car Rental not only maintains an English site at, but we also have sites in:

Korean | Japanese | Chinese Simplified | Chinese Traditional

All of these sites are extremely easy to navigate and offer plenty of information on some of the best hotspots in San Francisco, Orange County and the Los Angeles area.

Super Cheap is more than just a company where you can rent a car; we’re also a dedicated group of people committed to providing the best travel information possible to our customers, regardless of their nationality.

We’d also like to welcome our Spanish speaking customers here.

Super Cheap Car Rental offers extremely competitive rates and a wide variety of cars for rent. All of our international sites are extremely informative and offer plenty of details about visiting California. The sites include possible hotel accommodations, daytrip planners, shopping centers you name it and Super Cheap’s websites have got it! There is even a spot where International Students can take advantage of Student Resources along with Super Cheap Car Rental’s long term deals for when they need to rent a car.

Super Cheap Car Rental offers car rentals for professionals, tourists, students just about anyone who needs to rent a car! On our international websites you’ll find it easy to check the availability of cars, find fantastic prices and get information on the policies that Super Cheap Car Rental has in place. Pricing quotes at Super Cheap are easy to understand and guaranteed for accuracy.

On your bill you will never see any hidden costs because all taxes and insurances are included in your quoted price. Talk about value! Super Cheap Car Rental has a business philosophy that allows them to keep their prices economical and competitive plus provide safety and dependability to their customers.

The United States of America is by far one of the largest tourist nations in the world, attracting visitors from all over the world. Super Cheap Car Rental understands how important it is to have a dependable rent-a-car, whether it is for business travel or a family vacation, so you can rest assured that when you use Super Cheap, you will be in good hands!

Super Cheap’s international sites can help to answer many frequently asked questions about traveling to California, like driving tips and different modes of transportation. Staying on budget while taking a vacation is also something that we at Super Cheap Car Rental comprehend, therefore we do our best to keep our prices fair and affordable for all of our valued customers. Super Cheap has been in the business of renting cars for over 20 years and that equates to a lot of happy customers. With locations in Los Angeles, Orange County and the San Francisco area Super Cheap is constantly growing to meet the needs of all our customers, both locally and on the international scale.