Hola and welcome to the Los Angeles, and San Francisco area!

We here at Super Cheap Car Rental would like to take a moment and personally welcome all of our Spanish visitors to California! Whether you are visiting California on business or for pleasure, we here at Super Cheap Car Rental can't wait to help you rent a car and explore the city!

If you are visiting the United States for the first time and are a little worried about your English skills, there is no need to worry! Over 26% of the Los Angeles population alone can fluently speak Spanish, so don't be scared to stop and ask for some directions if you feel lost!

California is also home to 21 Spanish Missions that were built from 1769-1823 as small, self sustaining islands of Christianity and commerce; these missions are all built within a days walking distance from each other, so if you're interested in learning a little Spanish/American history during your stay in the Los Angeles area feel free to rent a car and check a few of them out!

Trying to decide what sort of clothing to pack?
California's climate is very similar to that of Spain and Mexico, with almost tropical temperatures during most of the year.

If you're still feeling a little hesitant it's understandable, but there's no need to worry. California natives are friendly and helpful, and we here at Super Cheap Car Rental want to help you start planning an awesome vacation to the Los Angeles and San Francisco area!

Before you find yourself in California it is important to do a little research on the types of things you'll want to see and do; your accommodations; and most importantly, you'll need to rent a car!

Here at Super Cheap Car Rental we can help you get a jump start on all three!
Our website (www.supercheapcar.com) is proud to offer you all sorts of information on tourist destinations in the Los Angeles and San Francisco area, day trips, special events, road guides, cultural experiences and much, much more! Super Cheap Car Rental's website even offers helpful tips for foreigners visiting Los Angeles who may be a little skittish about braving the heavy traffic flows of the big city.

Having trouble finding hotel accommodations that will fit your vacation budget?
Super Cheap Car Rental even has sections devoted to finding the perfect lodgings for your California vacation retreat! So be sure to take a little time and check out all the cool features on our website, but don't forget to check out what Super Cheap is all about the car rentals!

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So make sure to visit www.supercheapcar.com before you plan your international vacation to California.