Hot Tips for Summer Driving

The barometer has been consistently rising here in sunny California over the past few weeks, a clear indication that the summer road trip season is in full swing. And while you might be anxious to hit the gas in order to get to your destination quicker, it’s important that California car rental drivers take the proper precautions before making their way to the freeway.

When it comes to busy travel seasons, summer takes the traffic cake, as practically every family in the area decides to pack up and head out for an exciting on-road adventure. And while these excursions are always a source of memories and enjoyment, they can too often result in tragedy due to negligence or driver error.  Read more

California’s Haunted Highways

Do you believe in ghosts?

To some, it’s a silly question, but to others, paranormal activity isn’t something to be laughed about. For some California car rental travelers, apparitions are all around us… in fact, one might even be hitching a ride in the vehicle beside you!

According to local legend and lore, California is home to an overwhelming number of roadside spirits. Why, you might ask? Well, it depends on which haunted highway you’re asking about. From historical happenings to more recent accidents, there are more than a few infamous roads in this rambling state. Think you’ve got what it takes to hit these spooking roads after night in your California car rental? Read on to find out! Read more

Map Apps A Go: Judge Rules It Is Legal to Look at Apps While Driving

It happens all the time. You’re out driving when suddenly you realize that you’re driving down a street you don’t recognized. Confused, you grab for your smartphone and pull open a map app in order to establish your position and get yourself back on track.

Except, up until just a few weeks ago, this act of grabbing for your phone could have garnered you a hefty ticket. The rules surrounding cell phone use and distracted driving can be difficult to establish in some cases, especially in the area of apps. Back in January of 2012, Steven Spriggs was issued a ticket by the California Highway Patrol for using his iPhone 4 while he was gridlocked in traffic. Spriggs fought the $165 ticket on the grounds that he wasn’t doing anything illegal; he wasn’t making a call, sending a text of checking his email. Rather, he was using a mapping app in order to find an alternative route around the roadwork that had him stuck. Since he wasn’t moving and wasn’t using the phone for restricted activities, Spriggs felt that he shouldn’t have been penalized. Little did he know that the outcome of his challenge would go on to impact California car rental drivers and residents across the state. Read more

How to Avoid a Truck’s Blind Spot With Your California Car Rental

The majority of California drivers have become accustom to sharing the road with a wide variety of vehicles. From bikes to buses, motorists are responsible for safely navigating their way around these important modes of transportation. This includes driving alongside large tractor-trailers. Big and bulky, these road-worn beasts are sizable obstacles to dodge – especially when driving a compact California car rental.

If you’re planning to spend some time on California’s freeways during your upcoming visit to the Bay Area, beware: trucks dominate these roadways. As a fellow road user, it’s important to note that many of these long haul vehicles are plagued by large blind spots. Make one wrong move in your rental and you could find yourself stuck in a very dangerous situation. Read more

Free vs. Unlimited: The Great Mileage Debate

Road trips are all about adventure: exploring back roads and detours, throwing caution to the wind and driving off into the sunset. It goes without saying that the best road trips rarely follow a map, nor do they abide by a strict itinerary. The most memorable road trips are the ones that introduce you to new experiences and awaken inside you a newfound appreciation for freedom and exploration.

There’s just one problem… how are you suppose to take a drive down the road less traveled when your rental car provider is monitoring your every mile? Read more

Insider Tips for Driving in Southern California

Welcome to Southern California, land of sun, surf… and some terrible drivers.

Navigating the freeways of Southern Cali can be a bit much, especially if this will be your first time tackling such a feat. Constantly congested and always overwhelmed with traffic, Southern California’s roadways can intimidate even the most experienced of California car rental customer.

Before you hop in your vehicle and hit the road during your upcoming vacation, take some time to brush up on your local driving knowledge. The following are a few tips from the commuters here at SuperCheap that might help you better handle the task of driving in Southern California. Read more

Book Your Stay the Smart Way: Go Airbnb

Thinking about embarking on an epic California car rental road trip some time soon? Sounds like you’re going to need a place (or two) to stay along the way. Traditionally, this would mean you’d need to go through the rigamarole and expense of booking a bland, impersonal hotel room. But not anymore. Now you can opt to stay in a unique accommodation, practically anywhere. All you need to do is book a place to stay with Airbnb. Founded in August of 2008 and based right here in San Francisco, California, Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for travel-savvy people. The place to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world, Airbnb offers travelers world-class customer service, a growing community of members, and an ever expanding list of accommodations. Why stay at a boring hotel when you could go “Glamping” in a high end camper, or enjoy the country charm of a custom built cottage? When it comes to finding one-of-a-kind accommodations, you can’t beat what Airbnb has to offer. Read more

Wildfire Prevention: A Look at the Yosemite National Park Blaze

As of 8:49 a.m. this morning, nearly 255,858 acres of land had been burned by the Yosemite National Park blaze. Now believed to be at 81 percent containment, there are nearly 2,000 personnel fighting the fire at any given moment. Cost to date is over $111 million, and officials are saying that the fire may not be contained until Friday of this week.

The fourth-largest (and still growing) conflagration in modern California history, the wildfire burning in and around Yosemite National Park has been burning since August 17th, destroying homes (11), commercial properties (3) and threatening countless other structures. Sparked by a hunter’s illegal campfire, the blaze has become a major concern for many California car rental travelers; at one point, a major route into the National Park had to be shut down to the public because the flames were too dangerous. Read more

Cities Within Cities: A Driving Tour of Los Angeles

Headed to Los Angeles for the first time during your upcoming California car rental vacation? Then get ready for some confusing commutes! Driving through Los Angeles can be quite the experience, especially if you’re not familiar with the area. From random street name changes to odd cities within the city, finding your bearings in LA can be down right difficult at times.

Save yourself some frustration and take some time to figure out your way around the city prior to hopping behind the wheel of your California car rental. The following outlines a quick driving tour of the city, including references to the cities within the city. Read more

Why Major Car Rental Companies Can’t Provide All-Inclusive Rates

Don’t believe everything you see

Comparison shopping is an important part of any vacation planning process. Whether you’re torn between two hotels or determined to find the most affordable car rental price, comparison shopping is the easiest way to assess your options and make an educated decision.

Or at least, it should be.

When it comes to comparing car rental rates, especially online, you need to be careful. Looks can be deceiving and prices can often be problematic. If it looks too good to be true, that might just be the case. Read more