The Best California Rest Areas

California has a system of rest areas available when you travel long distances with your California car rental. These are great places to stop to shake out your legs, stretch, and go to the bathroom. They are designed to provide travellers with a safe and convenient place to stop on the road.

For more information

If you need information while travelling in your California car rental, there is a toll free phone service available that can provide information on road conditions within the California State Highway System. It does not include information about normal commute traffic, ramp closures, and traffic flow conditions.

How to find them

As you drive down the highway with your California car rental, you will come across the rest areas. If you have a smart phone, there are apps you can download to find out nearby rest areas and how far they are from your current location as well as amenities at each location. “Rest Area Finder” has locations in the United States and Canada available.

Rest Area Usage Policy

When you visit a California Rest Area with your California car rental, there are usage policies to ensure everyone who would like to stop has access. You can park at the rest area for 8 hours in any 24 hour period, walk your pet on a leash, get rid of your garbage in the receptacles, use small stoves and heaters if you do it safely, and use the designated dumping stations for your RV holding tanks.

Travelling across California

California is a diverse area, with terrains ranging from forested regions in the northern area to mountains in the interior, and desert in the south. You can travel around with your California car rental to all of the regions when you are here. Southern California is home to Los Angeles and San Diego, as well as some of the best beaches in California. The desert has a number of great resorts. The central coast area has rugged coast line and mountains. The San Joaquin Valley is where a large percentage of the fruits and vegetables come from. The Sacramento Valley is the state capital. The Sierra Nevada is where you will find Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe. The Gold Country is the foothills of the Sierras. The Bay Area is home to San Francisco and the surrounding area. The North Coast is home to redwoods and remote nature preserves. And the Shasta Cascades is a little off the tourist path in the northeast corner of the state.

Getting around

Getting around California with your California car rental is easy and there are plenty of rest stops you can use along the way. In addition to the interstates and US highway system, California has one of the best-developed state highway systems in the county and travelling by car is easy. Travelling from the top of the state to the bottom will take over ten hours, with the coast route taking longer. Driving conditions are similar to other industrialized countries, except in major cities where there can be a lot of traffic. Getting around can be made easier by using a GPS or having a current map handy.

As you travel around with your California car rental, you will find the California rest areas provide a safe place for you to stop during your road trip. They give you the opportunity to stop, stretch, and relax to reset your body for the trip. You can find out more about what types of vehicles you can rent by visiting our Super Cheap Vehicle Fleet page.