Tips For Renting A Car From Super Cheap As An International Student

Tips For Renting A Car From Super Cheap As An International Student

Are you coming to California as an international student? Congratulations—you’re about to have an amazing experience. Of course, part of that amazing experience will involve as much local travel as possible so you can see all the beauty our state has to offer. To best get from place to place, you’re going to want to rent a car.


The Super Cheap Rental Process

Here are a few pieces of good news for you, international students:

  • If you can prove you can legally drive in your own country, you can legally rent a car from Super Cheap Car Rental. You do not need to get a new driver’s’ license when you come to the United States. You also do not need an International Driver’s Permit, or IDP, to rent a car in California.
  • Here at Super Cheap, we do not discriminate based on age. We specialize in underage car rental Los Angeles for renters who are under the age of 25. If you’re 21 and over, you won’t have to pay an extra fee. If you are 19 or 20, your fee will be minimal.
  • Some of our Los Angeles car rental packages include long-term car rental deals. The longer you rent a car from us, the better deal we can offer you.
  • When you get a quote from Super Cheap Car Rental, your rate includes liability coverage, collision coverage, unlimited mileage and all taxes. Everything is included in your quote, so there will be no surprises.

Renting a car from Super Cheap during your time in the USA will be easier than you think. Here are the steps you should take:

  • Visit the International Resources page of our website. We have sites in Korean, Japanese, Chinese Simplified and traditional Chinese for our customers who prefer to do business in a different language. We want to make the process as easy as possible.
  • Take a look at the cars and packages we have available. Driving in a new country can be a bit intimidating, so look for a vehicle that you’d be comfortable driving.
  • Call us! We are always happy to answer questions and help you with your reservation. Our website is full of information, but sometimes talking to someone helps. Call our team at 310-645-3993.
  • Once you’ve made your car rental reservation, check out our Student Resources There may be some information there that will help make your transition easier.


Where to Take Your New Rental Car

Once you’ve arrived in California and you have your new rental car, you’ll want to explore as much as you can. And if you are in Los Angeles or Orange County, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful and exciting things to see. Here’s a list of some of our top attractions and the destinations that young people love.


Santa Monica

In the 1990s, Santa Monica was best known as the setting for the TV show “Baywatch.” These days, it’s a laid back place with great surfing, long stretches of sand, charming shops and an amazing pier with an amusement park. This seaside resort community is not only beautiful, but it’s also a lot of fun. Whether you’d rather ride the roller coaster, work on your tan or enjoy some fine dining, you’ll find it here.


Joshua Tree National Park

Located in the Southern California desert about 140 miles east of Los Angeles, Joshua Tree National Park is a beautiful place to go hiking, rock climbing or take amazing photos. This is an expansive park that has overnight camping areas, natural springs and plenty of places to sit and enjoy nature.



No matter what part of the world you live in, you’ve probably heard of Hollywood. As one of the most visited places in Southern California, this lively hub has been an international center for entertainment since the 1920s. You can walk the Walk of Fame, check out the historic Chinese Theater, reserve tickets to attend a TV show taping, or catch a show at the Greek Theatre or the Hollywood Bowl. You might even see someone famous while you’re there.


San Diego

San Diego is located about two hours south of Los Angeles by car, and it’s a great destination for a weekend getaway or Spring Break. With miles of sandy beaches, luxury resorts on the water, delicious restaurants, a great nightlife and popular attractions like SeaWorld, there’s something for everyone here. Check out the Old Town San Diego Historic District to learn about the local history.


Laguna Beach

Located in southern Orange County, Laguna Beach is a stunning coastal destination with a lot of great attractions. From art galleries and museums to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, you’ll have a lot to see if you can pry yourself away from the beach for awhile. If you go on a weekend, park your rental car for a while and hop on the Laguna Beach Trolley, a free weekend transportation system that runs along the South Coast Highway.