The Top 10 Cars To Rent For A California Road Trip

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Many people don’t give much thought to the type of vehicle they rent for a vacation, signing up for the most inexpensive option to save money. And that may be fine if you won’t be driving very much during your visit. But when you’re planning a road trip, obviously the car you rent matters. While every vehicle at a car rental agency must pass inspections and be in good working order, that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t be particular about which one you choose. When hundreds of miles are involved, the wheel you get behind matters.

When looking at your car rental reservations Los Angeles, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind. Your comfort is very important, so pick something that was built for an enjoyable ride. Gas mileage is also a factor, of course, but it’s not the only one—if you’re traveling with a group, you may have to forego saving money on gas for a more comfortable and spacious SUV. Storage space is also an issue, so book something that will hold your luggage, a cooler for snacks, and any souvenirs you pick up along the way.

Last but not least, make sure you’ll feel confident behind the wheel of your rental car. Most rental vehicles have automatic transmissions and are fairly easy to drive, but you should still feel comfortable, and not nervous, cruising down the road. If you can’t rent something you’re familiar with, practice driving down deserted roads before you hit the highway or consider letting someone else do the driving. Once you decide on something that fits all these categories, you can look up car rental packages including underage car rental Los Angeles reservations.

Some vehicles are definitely more highly recommended than others for road trips. If you need some help deciding, take a look at this top 10 list to narrow down your options.

These are the top 10 suggested vehicles for road trips:

1) Chevrolet Cruze

  • Chevrolet is still a trusted name in the auto industry, and the Cruze is both versatile and easy to drive. This is considered a compact car, but it’s roomy enough for four to fit comfortably… three if no one packs light.

2) Ford Mustang

  • Are you envisioning a romantic coastal road trip for two with your hair blowing in the breeze? There’s nothing like a convertible, and when it comes to coastal cruising, there’s nothing like a Ford Mustang. It’s got class-leading fuel economy, topping 30 miles per gallon on the highway even though it’s a 300-horsepower sports car.

3) Toyota Sienna

  • All minivans have serious road trip potential, but the Toyota Sienna is in a league of its own. We’d like to pretend it’s because of the excellent fuel efficiency and the comfortable ride, but really it’s the fact that Toyota calls it a “swagger wagon” than wins us over.

4) Subaru Outback

  • The Subaru Outback is the car for explorers. It shines the most when your road trip destination is a trailhead or mountain lodge, but it’s an all-terrain type of vehicle.

5) Toyota Camry

  • The classic, reliable Camry is a top choice for its driveability and comfort. Make it a hybrid model if you can for the added fuel efficiency.

6) Toyota Corolla

  • Much like the Toyota Camry, the Corolla is classic and reliable. The Corolla is a bit smaller than the Camry, but as a whole, it tends to get better gas mileage.

7) Honda Accord

  • With a roomy interior, comfortable ride and easy driveability, the Honda Accord is a classic choice.

8) Kia Sorento

  • The Kia Sorento is a great SUV hiding in plain sight. This mid-sized crossover is a perfect pick for a family of five or a small group of friends, offering an elegant exterior and a roomy interior. The rear seats are padded and comfortable, even for adults.

9) Ford Focus

  • Whether you wind up with a sedan or a hatchback, you’ll have a nice, comfortable ride when you go with a Ford Focus. A responsive 160-horsepower, four cylinder engine and 6-speed automatic transmission earned the car a “very good” rating from Consumer Reports.

10) Nissan Quest

  • Another minivan makes the top 10. Powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine, this powerful road trip wagon is a great choice for families or a group of friends. The auxiliary audio jack ensures your crew can listen to their own music, and there are plenty of cup holders for each passenger to enjoy.

This is an excellent list of some of the top rated rental cars for a California road trip… but remember, in the end, your comfort is the ultimate deciding factor. If you don’t see what you like here, you’ll have numerous other options to take you on your journey. Do your research, be mindful of your budget, and consult anyone else who will also be a driver. That way you’ll end up with the right rental car for everyone involved. Click here for vehicle info on our selection of car rentals.

Happy driving!