When To Visit: We’ve Discovered The Best Times To See Los Angeles (And How Long To Stay)

You may have heard that there is no “bad” time to visit Los Angeles, and you’d be absolutely correct. For the most part, LA stays beautiful all year long, with sunshine in every season. And no matter what your tastes and preferences may be, you can count on plenty of attractions and events awaiting you.

But if your plans are flexible and you want to know what your ideal dates could be, read on, because getting hooked up with a cheap car rental in Los Angeles is only part of the equation. There are other ways to ensure you’re getting the most value and enjoying your vacation to the fullest.


Why summer isn’t always the best

Many people assume summer is the best time to visit LA. And while that’s when you’ll find the hottest temperatures and the most action, you’ll also find the beaches and theme parks crowded with visitors. Summer is peak tourist season in LA, so if you’d rather not deal with excessive crowds, come during a cooler time of year.


Two peak “seasons”

The best times to visit Los Angeles might surprise you: Statistically that would be between September and November and March and May. Surprised? If you think about it, it makes sense.

Average temperatures during these months range from the high 50s to the low 80s, which makes walking around outdoors much more comfortable than the 100-degree days of summer. Also, the air tends to be more breathable during these months, which is an added bonus. Finally, crowds are less intense during these months, meaning you’ll have better luck finding secluded spots at the beach or scoring deals on hotels.


Why not winter?

Of course, if it’s especially cold and dreary where you live, you’ll love planning a trip to LA for the winter. You’ll find incredible deals on hotel rooms and packages in LA County. Just make sure to pack an umbrella—while we don’t see much rain in the area, the rainfall we do experience tends to happen in January and February.


Life’s other certainty: Traffic

The harsh reality is, you’ll have to deal with LA traffic no matter when you visit. So browse through our Los Angeles car rental reservation packages and choose something you wouldn’t mind spending a lot of time in. Driving a rental car for your trip will save you time, money, and the hassle of constantly calling cars. Super Cheap makes it simple.

Don’t plan your vacation around crowds and traffic entirely. There’s no avoiding them—but they’re so much more manageable when you’re behind the wheel of a reliable car you love.


How much LA is enough LA?

Once you experience LA for the first time, no vacation here may ever seem long enough. And while there’s no exact correct duration of time you should always spend in the city, if it’s your first LA trip, try to stay for at least a week. Between the beautiful beaches, fabulous restaurants, top attractions, shopping and numerous events, the week will pass faster than you think.

Use these examples as guidelines when planning your visit:

  • If you only have a weekend in Los Angeles, plan your trip around one major event or activity you’d like to do. If you’re coming for a concert or a day at Disneyland, that’s a no-brainer, otherwise, you can make one neighborhood your focus. Who wouldn’t love spending two days exploring downtown LA?
  • If you have three or four full days, you can take a day trip somewhere. Cruise down the coast to Orange County and see Long Beach, charter a boat to Catalina Island, or spend a day exploring the quirky Venice Beach. The choice is yours.
  • If you have a full week to spend in Los Angeles County, you can take two side trips or do a day trip and a show. Check the Hollywood Bowl for upcoming concerts or look up the schedule at the Greek Theatre. You never know who will be performing.
  • And if you have even longer than a week, spend every day getting to know LA to the fullest. Definitely, take a day trip or two and sink your toes into the sand at our beautiful beaches (like Laguna Beach or Santa Monica), but save some room in your schedule to simply explore. Rent an AirBnB, reserve a long-term car rental package, and get comfortable in our beautiful city.
  • No matter how long you have, allow yourself a little bit of downtime to relax. LA is amazing, but trying to cram in too much activity is a good way to leave your vacation feeling more stressed than when you arrived.


Other LA travel hacks

Still wondering when would be the best time to book? Just take a look at your list of must-do activities, and go from there. For example:

  • Disneyland and other local theme parks will be packed all summer as well as very crowded during school holidays. If you have the option to avoid peak times, you’ll spend a lot less time waiting in line.
  • For overall tourist activity, January – April is the least busy time. This is often a time when you can find great deals on airfare and hotels, not to mention Super Cheap’s affordable car rental in Los Angeles However, be mindful of the big events that do draw crowds, like the Rose Bowl Parade on January 1 and the annual LA Marathon in February.
  • If you have little ones, consider a trip to LA after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. The holiday events in the City of Angels are spectacular.