What To Do If Your California Car Rental Overheats

Summer in Los Angeles certainly is a steamy season. Which is great, until you realize just how hard that heat can be on your California car rental. When the temperature rises outside, so too does the temperature inside your car’s engine. When you’re out and about in your car rental, remember to keep a close eye on your dashboard’s telltale “H”. If you notice the dial flipping frequently to this marker, you could find yourself in a sizzling situation sooner rather than later. 

Why Do California Car Rental Engines Overheat?

Engines overheat for a number of different reasons. Some of these can be mechanical (a bad water pump, weak or leaky radiator cap, coolant leak, or an inoperative fan motor); however, more often than not, it’s because you California car rental has been overworked. If you’ve been hitting the pavement hard for a prolonged period of time on a hot day, don’t be surprised if your vehicle gets a little “tired”. Especially if you’ve been stuck in stop-and-go traffic or climbing some steep hills.

How to Tell if Your Vehicle is Overheating

There are two pretty straightforward ways to tell whether or not your California car rental is overheating. The first is the engine temperature needle. Remember that “H” marking? The closer the needle is to that marker, the higher your chances are of your California car rental overheating. Another sure sign of trouble? Steam escaping from under the hood of your California car rental. If either of these things occur, you’ll need to act fast in order to cool things down.

Steps to Follow When Things Get Steamy

When the temperature starts to rise in your California car rental, don’t panic. Follow these simple steps:

  • At the first sign of trouble, shut off the air conditioning in your California car rental and open the windows. This will decrease the load on your engine. If you’re charging your cellphone through a car adaptor, unplug this as well. You might even want to turn off the radio. Do whatever you can to alleviate pressure on your engine. 
  • If your heat gauge continues to climb, turn on the heater. This will transfer heat from the engine to the passenger compartment. Granted, this is going to make you and your California car rental passengers slightly uncomfortable, however it will help take the strain of your vehicle.
  • If your stuck in traffic, shift your California car rental into neutral or park. Softly rev the engine a little. This will make the fan speed up on your water pump, effectively drawing more liquid and air through the radiator. This might be enough to cool your engine down.
  • Lay off the brakes as best you can. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should go careening through traffic. If you’re stuck in stop-and-go traffic, try to idle as opposed to pounding the brake. Pumping the brake will cause drag, which increases the load on your California car rental’s engine.
  • If things are looking bad, don’t push your vehicle. Instead, pull over to the side of the road, turn off the engine, and pop the hood. Give your California car rental a good 15 to 20 minutes to cool down. Don’t open the radiator cap right now. If your engine has successfully boiled over, don’t add water immediately. Wait until things have cooled down.

What If it Overheats on a Cool Day?

Although hot temperatures are the mist common cause of overheating, it’s not the only one. As mentioned earlier, you could be dealing with a mechanical malfunction. If this is the case, contact Super Cheap immediately. Another possibility could be that the water and coolant levels in your radiator are low.

After the engine has had time to cool down, check the levels by opening the radiator cap in you California car rental. Add tepid water to the reservoir (not cold). While this reservoir is intended for coolant, water will help tide you over until you can get to a mechanic. If this enables you to get the car going again, remember to keep the A/C and other accessories turned off.

Ways to Prevent Engine Overheating

While you can’t control the weather, you can take some precautionary steps prior to driving in extreme temperatures. For example, if you’re going to be driving your California car rental on steep, winding hills, remember to stop at a gas station to check your coolant first. What’s more, try not to run your air conditioning on high for more than 30 minutes, especially if you’re battling through stop-and-go traffic.

Beat the heat in your California car rental by always keeping an eye on your vehicle’s temperature gauge. What’s more, always keep a bottle of water handy in the passenger’s seat, just in case. Nothing slams the brakes on a fun summer afternoon like a stalled engine, after all.